13 Signs of an Online Video Game Addict

13 signs of an online video game addict

      Some gamers deny the fact that they are addicted to online video games, so how can you really determine if they are addicted or not? Below is the list of signs that can help you identify an online video game addict.

      (You can download the 12 signs addiction to online video games below the article.)


      Short Fuse and Volatile Response

      You will discover that they tend to be Hulk-like when you disrupt and try to engage them in a conversation while they’re playing online games.


      Nasty and Vulgar

      You can frequently hear them shouting and cursing in front of the computer. They’re either too excited because they’re winning or angry because they’re losing.



      They have to constantly buy new computer accessories or game consoles because they tend to smash, hurdle, destroy gaming devices.

      Siblings and pets, be wary of these bullies.



      Since most of the gamers are stuck on their seats, they tend to stick on a diet of unhealthy snacks such as potato chips, sweets, cookies and brownies, sodas or worst, power drinks like Monster or Red Bull to keep them going and give them the extra boost.


      Zombie-Panda Appearance 

      You will notice that they resemble a zombie panda, with their red eyes and huge eye bags. They are deprived of sleep, yet they still keep playing games


      Unpleasant Breath 

      Bits of food are stuck on their mouths and when you talk to them, well let’s just say you might regret it.


      Shaky Hands 

      Due to long hours of playing computer games, their hands start to shake


      Weak Immune System

      They get sick easily. It starts with some sneezing, runny nose and coughing, then eventually getting sick. Their bodies also start to weaken due to lack of exercise.


      Disgustingly Smelly

      Their hair, body and clothes reek of smell since they don’t have time to groom themselves.


      Messy and Untidy Area

      Their space/area becomes messy with scattered food, spilled canned drinks and unorganized things.


      Lack of Time Management

      They spend more time playing computer games, than being productive. Playing more than 3 hours a day and at least 5 days a week is already a sign of addiction to online video games.


      Lack of Savings

      Instead of saving their money for the future, they spend it on online games. You will also be surprised that your electric bill has reached an all time high.


      Poor Body Posture

      They constantly slouch and hunch since they need to have a laser eye focus on their computer games or they just need to adjust their seats.

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