About Con

Hello, I am Constantino Co, a digital marketing manager and web designer working for JLL.

Hobbies and Interests

 You weren’t created to be a failure. Sure some things may not have worked out and there have been some disappointments. But all these things helped guide you in a direction that was meant for you. Your life has purpose and significance. Try to be patient if it isn’t all crystal clear just yet. For now, just know that you weren’t created to fail. ” – Daniel Enriquez

Visual Diary and Idea Box

Facts About Me

Lego lover: I love coffee break and Starbucks

I love gulping coffee and staying in cafes. Ping me anytime if you want to have a coffee break with me!

Lego lover: In a relationship

People around me still couldn’t believe that I am now married…to a Japanese美女.(pure skills, mate)

Lego lover: I easily stumbleanywhere

I easily stumble anywhere and my friends find my clumsiness funny even if it’s not.