How online video game addiction destroyed half a decade of my life

Most addicting online game in mid-2000

      The excitement of hunting and killing other online video game players has never been this fun and exciting.

      During early 2000, Ragnarok Online, (also known as RO or Ragna) became the most addicting online game or MMORPG in the Philippines. Ragnarok Online Philippines became so addictive that everyone, from kids to teenagers and adults, even some parents started playing this MMORPG game like crazy! What made online video game so addictive? Well, it is due to the 2D anime style, cute drawings which was popular in the Philippines that time, wide variety of class types, job skill attributes, rare items and cards, guild wars, PK (Player Kill) and my personal favourite, the PVP system ( commonly known as player versus player arena).

      I started playing Ragnarok Online in 2003 and became a certified online video game addict from 2004 to 2009. Sleeping for only two to four hours a day, seven days a week was my way of life. I also spent more than 50,000 php (around 1,200 USD or so) and most of it was spent buying online game accounts, Internet pre-paid cards (since cable connection was not yet popular during that time), LEVELUP! top-up game cards, zenny-virtual money and purchasing in-game rare items and cards. Other multiplayer online game players started calling me PHP (Philippine Peso) boy as I overpowered them with my pure PVP type characters, equipment, pots power (to restore your health and energy) and strengthening items.

      Below are some of my in-game screenshots

      I was so pre-occupied with playing the MMORPG game that it was too late before I realized I have wasted almost six years of my life playing the most addicting online game. Looking back, there are so much I could have done, I could have unlocked achievements, honed my talents and skills in real life, spent more time with family and friends, socialize and meet new people, explore the world, expand my connections, start my own business or prepare myself for the untold future. Now, I am 30 years old and comparing my achievements during that time to that of my sister, I have my ass handed to her. At such a young age, my sister together with our cousin was able to start an online shop and lifestyle boutique.

      I’m still guilty of playing multiplayer online games now and then, but I’m proud to say that I am no longer an online video game addict. Playing one or two hours a day is still not as bad as compared to playing the whole day. But what I am trying to say is: why waste your time confined in the virtual world, when you can spend your time in the real world.

      Still not convinced? Ask yourself, what have you achieved so far? Yes, you might be the strongest, richest, most popular person in the game, but in reality, are you? Look around you, what are your friends and other peeps of the same age are doing now?

      Don’t make the same mistake like what I did in the past, wake up and think again!

      Even if we can’t travel back in time and change our actions or the mistakes we did. What we can do is to learn from the past, do your best in the present and prepare for the future. Because brace yourself, the Storm is coming!



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