Mother’s Day: 31 Reasons Why You Should Start Loving Your Mom

Mother's day special

      If you hate your mom and refuse to see or talk to her for whatever reason that you may have, I think today is a good time to put all issues aside and start remembering all the good things your mom did for you.

      If you can’t remember the things that your mom has done for you, then start reading the list below to refresh your memory

      When you were inside your mother’s womb

      Your mom is pregnant and she loves you very much


      Your mom had to carry and bear the extra weight of you for nine months


      Your mom felt sick and weak as you started to grow bigger


      Your mom covered and protected you from any harm and danger, even if she knew it could physically hurt her


      Your mom had to watch her daily intake and to eat healthy all the time to make sure you grow faster, healthier and stronger


      Your mom sung songs, told funny stories, even taught you mathematics and other things even if haven’t been born yet


      Your mom endured hellish pain in giving birth to you

      When you were a baby

      Mom loves her baby very much


      Your mom had to wake up countless nights just to check on you


      Your mom had to work and earn money so she can feed you, attend to your needs


      Your mom had to change your diaper, feed you and bathe you everyday


      Your mom had to carry and hold you gently on her arms even if she’s not feeling well


      Your mom had to take care of you even if she is stressed or tired


      Your mom had to sacrifice a lot of things just to have you

      When you were a kid

      Your mom made sure that you are tidy and clean


      Your mom got angry when you disobeyed her, because all she wanted was for you to grow and become a better person


      Your mom got upset when you lie or cheat, because all she wanted was for you to grow into a person with honor and integrity


      Your mom scolded you for having low grades in school, because all she wanted was for you to have a better future


      Your mom attended every single program, activities and awarding ceremonies, because all she wanted was for you to know that she will always be there for you


      Your mom didn’t spoil you, because all she wanted was for you to learn how to value simple things


      Your mom dashed at the speed of light to wherever you are when she hears you crying, because she simply cares for you

      When you were a teenager and a young adult

      Son loves his mom


      Your mom punished you for your wrongdoings because she didn’t want you to grow up, become a criminal and end up in jail


      Your mom demanded you to sleep early, because she knew it’s good for your health


      Your mom nagged you be neat and tidy, because she knew it’ll earn you points with the girl you like


      Your mom monitored your activities and got mad when you don’t call back on the agreed time, because she knew how dangerous that world is


      Your mom learned as much as she could who your circle of friends were, because she didn’t want you to be surrounded with bad influences

      When you are a man

      Son embraces his loving mom


      Your mom is curious about your girlfriend (now your wife), because all she wants is to make sure that your girlfriend (now your wife) will make you happy


      Your mom checks your social media page, because all she wants is to find out if you are happy and enjoying your life to the fullest


      Your mom always reminds you to eat healthy, rest well and exercise regularly because she doesn’t want you to end up getting sick.


      Your mom brags about you to her circle of friends, because she is very proud of the person you are today


      Your mom understands that you can’t go home to see her during holidays, but she will still prepare just in case you decide to visit her


      Your mom wants your attention when you are too busy, because all she wants is to have a moment of your time and to let you know she’s always there for you


      Your mom tries to contact you during the most inconvenient time, but all she wants is just to say “I miss you”


      When you are miles away, your mom wants to physically see you because she wants to hug and say “I love you”



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