Pokemon Go: Explore a Whole New World of Adventure

Pokemon Go: Your Journey Begins Here

      Pokémon Go is a location-based augmented reality mobile game app developed by Niantic. The app is available for download in both iOS and Android platforms and was initially launched in New Zealand, Australia and United States which will be followed by Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and other Asian / European countries. Since I am currently based in New Zealand, I was lucky enough to try it on the first day of release. However, since this game is relatively new, I decided to list down the basic steps so that you can get a virtual picture of what to expect before you begin your adventure in the Pokémon Go world!

      Learning the ABC’s of Pokémon Go

      Your Starting Pokémon

      When choosing your starting Pokémon character, you can pick any three Pokemon listed below. At this stage, you won’t be able to use your character to battle wild Pokémon.

      Pokemon Go starter Charmander
      Fire Pokemon

      Charmander which will evolve into Charizard

      Pokemon Go starter Squirtle
      Water Pokemon

      Squirtle which will evolve into Blastoise

      Pokemon Go starter Bulbasaur
      Grass Pokemon

      Bulbasaur which will evolve into Venusaur

      Reaching Level 5

      You need to reach level 5 in order to join a team and participate in the gym battle. There are three teams to choose from such as Team Valor Moltress (Red), Team Mystic Articuno (Blue) and Team Instinct Zapdos (Yellow).

      Pokemon Go Team

      Image credit to Meritt Thomas

      Naming your Pokémon

      You can customize and set the nickname of your Pokémon. You can even use your partner and friends names.

      Pokemon Go Nickname

      Pokémon’s Combat Power

      The combat power or CP determines the level and strength of your Pokémon.

      Pokemon Go Combat POwer

      Battling your Pokémon

      Unfortunately, you cannot fight wild Pokémon and other Pokemon trainers. The battling gym is the only thing that can satisfy your hunger.

      Pokemon Go - Defending the gym

      Pokémon Journal

      The Pokémon journal keeps track of your daily activities. It displays the Pokémon that you encounter, catch and let escape during the day. The journal also tracks the Pokestops where you check-in as well as the free items you receive.

      Pokemon Go Journal Overview
      Pokemon Go Journal Timeline

      Catching, Collecting and Evolving Pokémon

      Walk, Walk and Walk

      You need to walk a lot and explore different places in order to catch a Pokémon. There are no excuses! Based from my own experience, I packed a bottle of water, snacks, umbrella, smartphone battery and an extra t-shirt to keep me going through the day. You can opt to ride a bike, car or use public transportation as long as you don’t speed up too fast.

      Pokemon Go walking

      Using the Pokemon nearby

      You can search for nearby Pokemon by tapping the button on the bottom right hand side of the screen. The footprints measure your distance to a Pokemon. The less footprints you see, the closer you are to that Pokemon. 

      Pokemon Go Nearby
      Pokemon Go Nearby

      Pokémon Stardust and Candy

      Stardust and Candy allows your Pokémon to increase its Combat Power. At the same time, Candy will help evolve your Pokémon. This means you need to catch the same Pokémon to do this.

      Pokemon Go Stardust and Candy


      Using Pokedex you can check all Pokemon you have seen and caught. Pokemon in silhouette means you didn’t able to catch it.


      Throwing Poke balls

      To catch Pokemon using the poke ball, tap the poke ball at the bottom of the screen and flick it upward. To throw the poke ball farther, tap it and hold before flicking. 

      Pokemon Go Throwing Poke Balls

      Pokémon Locations

      Some Pokémon are only available in specific locations. For example, if you go to the beach or anywhere near the water, you will automatically get a water type Pokémon like Magikarp.

      Leveling Up Your Character

      Gaining Experience

      You gain experience every time you catch, hatch and evolve a Pokémon. Activating a Lucky Egg will earn you double experience for a duration of 30 minutes. You can also earn EXP points from battling enemy team at the gym.

      • 500 XP – Capture a New Pokémon
      • 500 XP – Evolve a Pokémon
      • 200 XP – Hatch a Pokémon
      • 150 XP – Defeating a Pokémon Trainer at Gym
      • 100 XP – Capture a Pokémon
      • 100 XP – Excellent Throw
      • 100 XP – Battling a Pokémon Trainer at Gym
      • 50 XP – Beat a Pokémon in Training at a Gym
      • 50 XP – Checking in at a Pokéstop
      • 50 XP – Great Throw
      • 10 XP – Nice Throw
      • 10 XP – Curve Ball

      +XP Bonus Value Source: Pokemon Go How to online

      Evolve your Pokémon

      Speed up your experience by evolving your crappy Pokémon like Pidgeys and Zubats!

      Evolving Pidgey Pokemon


      Pokestops are landmarks or places where you can collect items. By tapping the pole and swiping the picture in the circle left/right, you automatically gain +50 experience and get free items like Poke Eggs, Pokeballs, Potions , Razz berry and Revive.  Make sure you access them all.

      Pokestops swipe left and right

      Gym Battles

      Dominating Gyms Battles

      You are only allowed to battle in the gym after you choose your team and reach level 5.

      Pokemon Go Gym Battle

      Battling with your Pokémon

      The battle system is different from how you select your attacks in Gameboy and Nintendo 3DS. In Pokemon Go, you need to swipe left/right to dodge, tap to attack and hold tap then release to use special attack.

      Pokemon Go actual gym battle

      Bonus Pokemon Coins and Stardust

      Once you earn your place in the gym, you will receive Pokémon Coins and Stardust.

      Pokemon Go gym battle reward

      The Pokémon Shop

      Pokemon Coins

      Pokémon Coins are used to buy items in the Pokémon shop. You can purchase these Coins by spending real money.


      Buying Pokemon Items in the shop

      You can buy items to help you with your journey. See list below:

      Poke balls: To catch Pokemon

      Incense: To lure wild Pokemon to your location

      Lucky Eggs: Earns double Character Experience  for 30 minutes

      Lure Modules: Attracts wild Pokemon to a Pokestop for 30mins. The effect benefits other people nearby.

      Egg Incubator: A device that incubates a Pokemon Egg as you walk until it is ready to hatch.

      Bag Upgrade: Increases the max number of items you can carry by 50. You can purchase this item more than one time.

      Pokemon Storage Upgrade: Increases the max number of Pokemon you can carry by 50. You can purchase this item more than one time.

      Pokemon Go Shop
      Pokemon Go Shop

      Managing your Pokémon and Poke Items

      Storing your Pokémon

      Your storage can hold up to 250 Pokémons by default.

      Pokémon Eggs and Incubators

      In order to hatch a Pokémon Egg, you need to incubate it and walk a total distance of 2km, 5km or 10km depending on the requirements.

      Pokemon Egg Walk

      Reference: Pokemon Eggs fullscreen view

      Important Reminders

      Frequent App Crash

      Expect the Pokémon Go to crash frequently due to user overload. Don’t feel grumpy when you miss a Pokémon along the street.

      Pokemon Go Server Crash

      Gmail Account

      You are required to use a Gmail account and a Visa or credit card in order to play the Pokémon Go mobile game app.

      Access to All Information

      Once you sign up, Niantic will gain full access to your Gmail account. This includes photos, videos, emails, documents and contacts. Create a new Gmail account for this purpose.


      Playing the Pokémon Go app may affect your daily activities, so don’t let yourself get too hooked to the game. However, the most important thing is to enjoy meeting new people and keep on catching Pokémon!

      Let me know what you think by posting your Facebook comments below. Stay tuned as I post more articles about Pokémon Go.




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